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[6bone] IPv6 connection + website.


> > Install NetBSD on a PC, and use that.
> Thanks for your reply, can you explain what part of my posting you were
> answering with your reply?
> Will this solve my website query?

I think this is a good suggestion, as IPv6 on Windows is something of a
hack. Unless your intention is to learn the idiosyncracies of IPv6 on
Windows, using an operating system that does IPv6 very well is a very good
idea. It all depends on what you want to learn - the process (of setting
up IPv6) or the practise (of running IPv6). Windows involves much more
process, and NetBSD much more practise.

> I will take a look at NetBSD for my purposes, but still think Windoze will
> be the platform of choice of most end users and so needs to be kept abreast
> of.

Is your goal to learn how to deploy IPv6, or how to use IPv6 in a Windows
environment? If it's the latter, then this list isn't for you; our goal is
IPv6 deployment for the world and the lan alike, and, like the current
IPv4 Internet, for everyone regardless of OS.

To put it simply, one does not deploy for a specific OS when one deploys
for the Internet (well, people do, but it's not correct). The same is true
of IPv6.

John Klos
Sixgirls Computing Labs