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[6bone] 6Bone registry entries when multihomed?

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> Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2002 5:09 PM
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> Subject: Re: [6bone] 6Bone registry entries when multihomed? 
> 	why would you advertise private ASN onto the 6bone 
> whois?  they should
> 	be used locally within certain pTLAs, not globally.
> 	also do not forget that 6bone is interconnected with 
> worldwide IPv6
> 	network (including commercially-operated network), and 
> there's no
> 	well-defined boundary.  therefore, my recommendation is:
> 	- to remove/forbid private ASN from 6bone whois.
> 	- do not advertise private ASNs beyond pTLA/sTLA boundary

I'm not agree with you.

A ipv6-site who use a private ASN can peer with many pTLA/sTLA, only 1
AS is used for all peers like a real pTLA/sTLA with a public ASN.
I think, that it's can be a good idea to allow register private ASN
(autnum object) in 6bone whois database because a same AS can't be used
for 2 differents ipv6-site. If a private AS don't respect the routing
rules (announce a block in global 6bone routing table), it's more easy
to contact the person. When you have register your private ASN, it will
be reserved for you, any other don't must use your ASN.

In all case private ASN don't must be advertised in global 6bone routing
Peering with private ASN must be considerate as private peering, all ISP
who peer with private ASN must don't reannounces routes of private ASN.

pTLA/sTLA -> private ASN = full or not transit
pTLA/sTLA <- private ASN = only routes of private ASN (not transit) with
community no-export (if pTLA/sTLA accept route with private ASN)

private ASN <-> private ASN = full or not transit

Production network don't advertise/receive all 6bone routes, but use
only 3ffe::/16 for can be interconnected to the 6bone (you can see this
in IPv6 BGP policy of a lof of  production ISP).

Why remove/forbid private ASN (ipv6-site ? because a aut-num can't be
registered at this time) from 6bone whois ? 6bone whois is a test whois
mnt-lower don't work and you can register what all you want like the
RIPE test whois database.

I hope be clear.
Sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my native language.

Best Regards,