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[6bone] 6Bone registry entries when multihomed?

| > Nicolas DEFFAYET wrote
| > A exemple: http://whois.6bone.net/cgi-bin/whois?NDSOFTWARE
| Nicolas is an ISP. If you got /48s it probably means you are not, here
| is an example that might be closer to your needs:

Nicolas is an inmensly irritating clueless kiddie, because he blatantly
refuses to remove his AS65526 number from the registries and to be even
worse, he uses this on the 6bone, because he cannot get his hands on a
real ASN (because he does not have a LIR relationship with a RIR).

www.ndsoftwarenet.net (mind ND - Nicolas Defayet), does not have content
and there is no company behind FastNET XP, it's just some (Windows
running?) children being a total ass on the Internet.

Nicolas, did you know that people were even complaining about your
destructive IPv6 efforts at RIPE42 :-) ? Just to put things in proper


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