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[6bone] AAAA and A6 recent status?

% >rfc #2874 seem to suggest that AAAA records will "soon" disappear ; is the A6
% >record format the definitive one? If the 2874 considered as 'final' standard?
% 	AAAA is the final standard.
% 	draft-ietf-dnsext-ipv6-addresses-01.txt
% itojun

	final is such a strong word.  The current recommendation is:
	draft-ietf-dnsext-ipv6-addresses-01.txt, which might become
	an RFC.  Even then, changes can and do occur. Its a pretty 
	safe bet that AAAA records will get you what you want, but 
	apps should be prepared to deal w/ A6 records, since they
	do exist and show every likelyhood of remaining in the code.