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6bone mailing list

Yup, I know.  (I run installations of both majordomo and mailman.)  I was
just hoping for somebody who knows what software the 6bone list is using
to tell us which it is, so I know whether I should get my penny out,
or whether I should be expecting an extra penny :-)

 - Dave

Remco van Zuijlen wrote:
> On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 02:32:59AM -0400, Dave wrote:
> > The "mailman" program running the 6bone mailing list seems an awful lot
> > like a majordomo program ... I'd bet (1 cent, of course - you must pay
> > the shipping cost for the penny) it's just majordomo masquerading as GNU
> > mailman (or maybe the more historically correct GNU mailman masquerading
> > as majordomo?).  Can somebody please clear up the mystery?
> Well, I know majordomo is written in perl, and mailman in Python.. the admin
> part is also much better than the stone age technology of majordomo :)
> Remco
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