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6bone mailing list

LOL ... I got the same message this morning, but it came to the address
I am already subscribed with ([email protected]) ... weird, eh?  I hope I
don't start getting duplicates of all messages now (although I believe
majordomo has automatic duplicate removal) ;-/

 - Dave

Dan Webb wrote:
> Morning all, I've been lurking on this list for almost 12 months trying to
> get my head around all of this, (and I'm still lurking) :)
> However this morning I just received a 'Welcome to the 6bone mailing list'
> email to another email address of mine, that I know I havn't also signed up
> on. so it does appear someone/somthing somewhere is adding email addresses
> to the list.
> This being where all those remove requests are comming from.
> Apart from tracking down where the subscriptions are coming from I do agree
> with adding a tag line at the bottom with instructions on how to
> unsubscribe.
> In other news I am learning a lot about the 6-bone :)
> Dan
> PS the account that was not added by me is [email protected]