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priority question

>short question: whats the current status of the priority field in the IPv6 
>header? is it already effectively used (=consered as routing decision on KAME 
>based routers)?

	do you mean traffic class field by "priority field"?
	at this moment KAME does not really use the field, except:
	- tunnel code honors ECN (explicit congestion notification) bits
	  as stated in RFC3168 section 9
	- ALTQ can classify traffic based on traffic class field, and uses
	  ECN bits
	- there's an API to modify the field from userland (see 2292bis i-d)
	- TCP code supports ECN bits

	the first two items are integrated in *BSD (not sure if FreeBSD has
	ALTQ integrated yet), the rest is in KAME patch release only.