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about IPv6 PPPoE

 In your previous mail you wrote:

                  I am curious about what you have tried. Can you tell me where
   can I download PPPoE software to try the dial up? Do you really try PPPoE or
   just PPP (not PPPoE) over p2p link?
=> user mode PPP with ng_pppoe (netgraph PPPoE node) on FreeBSD 4.5 + KAME

   I am confusing .........As I know, PPPoE must perform ARP and thus, there is
   a field to carry IPv4 address in PPPoE protocol. Why does PPPoE(v4) not
   need to be modified to support IPv6 ?

=> because the IPv6 dependent part is in the higher part of PPP and
works for PPP over synchronous line, asynchronous line, ISDN, UDP, TCP,
Ethernet (aka PPPoE), etc, as any NCP (network control protocol).


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