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Internet2 Land Speed Record award for IPv6

I spoke to NIKHEF (the NL physics and nuclear research institution) and
they plan to do OC48 from NL to Alaska via Chicago.

Looks like that IPv6 'record' will be beaten with both hands and the left
foot tied to their backs, the right being for the accelerator on GEANT
and SURFnet. For IPv6 even ;-)

I'm very curious as to the outcome of their speed-tests.


		On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 08:14:27AM -0700, Bob Fink wrote:
| 6bone Folk,
| I am passing along a request I think our community should be interested in: 
| participating in the Internet 2's Land Speed Record project for IPv6, which 
| you can read about at:
|  <http://www.internet2.edu/html/i2lsr.shtml>
| These folk have created a category for IPv6 (so you don't have to compete 
| against IPv4 for speed) but have had no entrants to date. This is fertile 
| ground to prove what IPv6 can do.
| (Note that, contrary to the web site statement, there is currently no 
| financial reward, just a very nice engraved plaque, a press release, and a 
| formal presentation at an Internet 2 member meeting).
| The record is set similar to other international awards projects, requiring 
| a 10% improvement over a previous record to decide when a new record has 
| been set. I have been told that the closing date requirement for applicants 
| has been removed (contrary to the web site writeup).
| Please take a look and see if we can start setting IPv6 speed records. Who 
| knows, as this develops we may be able to compete with IPv4 speed records, 
| which currently is:
| >A team from the University of Washington, the Information Sciences 
| >Institute of the University of Southern California, Qwest and Microsoft 
| >set a new standard for Internet performance by transferring 8.4 GB worth 
| >of data from Redmond, Washington to Arlington, Virginia (5,626 Km) in 81 
| >seconds at a rate of over 830 megabits per second. They won both the 
| >single stream and multistream classes of the I2-LSR competition.
| Maybe we should have an additional category for tunneled networks as well. 
| Please contact <[email protected]> if you want to know more.
| Thanks,
| Bob

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