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[6bone] fake/hijacked sTLA/pTLA's from AS1654

Christian Nickel wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm receiving some strange routing informations from AS1654
> via multiple other AS's. Have a look to the attached textfile.
> There are problems with SICS or someone announcing
> faked sTLA/pTLA's?

Welll their router certainly is peeping up... and it is announcing
certain routes that it shouldn't.
Check http://www.ipng.nl/bgp/bgp-page-complete.html
and http://www.ipng.nl/bgp/odd-routes.html
It also shows a LOT of unaggregated prefixes...

Almost anything goes to SICS.
It more or less looks like a replay from a _very_ old date.
Most of the announced prefixes _are_ valid but haven't been in active
use for a while.

SICS guys CC:'d
http://www.ipv6.sics.se/6bone_config/netstat_rn.dump looks kinda
normal.... odd...