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[6bone] IPv6 routing table size

On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 11:02:50AM -0600, Jeff Thomas wrote:
| (Hopefully this is the right list for this question....)
| I have been curious about the size of routing tables when using IPv6.  I
| had it in my mind that they would be considerably smaller due to
| aggregation properties.  I surmised that even a large enterprise may not
| have more than a couple hundred routes in their core.  Then I noticed in
| a presentation that someone in China (BII Group - presentation from IPv6
| Summit in Beijing) was building an IPv6 router with over a million
| entries in their routing table.  Am I off track?
| Large enterprises today may have tens of thousands of routes in v4, but
| using v6 wouldn't they be an order of magnitude smaller?
There's currently some 250 prefixes in the TLA cloud (this is RIR '2001'
and 6bone '3ffe').

I don't expect the amount of prefixes to be more than the amount of AS
numbers in the long run.


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