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[6bone] Exchange Point Addresses

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002 [email protected] wrote:
> >At the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX) we've been talking about
> >making it possible to peer natively over IPv6. The problem is
> >getting addresses for the exchange -- RIPE seems to have a clear
> >policy (they'll hand out a /64), but ARIN doesn't appear to. It
> >would not be appropriate to use addresses from one of the providers
> >at the exchange since TORIX has been, since its inception, 
> >provider neutral and we'd like to keep it that way.
> >
> >Any suggestions or pointers to how to go about acquiring some
> >numbers for the exchange would be appreciated.
> 	at NSPIXP2 and NSPIXP6, we are using /64 block from WIDE
> 	(2001:200::/35).  WIDE is operating these exchanges so it was a natural
> 	choice.
> 	another option is to use link-local address only on IX segment.
> 	draft-kato-bgp-ipv6-link-local-01.txt
> 	cisco and zebra are at least capable of doing it.

Link-locals only seem to be a huge can of worms if someone forgets 
'next-hop-self' with link-local eBGP peering, and link-local address would 
be distributed to iBGP.

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