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[6bone] Exchange Point Addresses

Pim and 6boners,

> Pim van Pelt wrote:
> As with your collegues at AMS-IX (NL), you will simply be left
> out in the cold. When you approach a registry with a remark like
> you just made, you will be told that you are no more special than
> any other company that wishes to have their own globally routable
> space (call it PI, call it TLA).
> At current, at least in the region I am active in (RIPE), IXPs
> cannot obtain address space without becoming dependant on a member.
> By the way, neither can the RIR itself.

The ipv6mh list is working hard to provide you with geographical
addresses so you don't stay in the cold too long. An example is
available here:

I welcome the 6bone community's comments on this. This test is about
proposed allocation only, the protocols and practices are still cooking.