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[6bone] pTLA request EURNETCITY - review closes 28 June 2002

6bone Folk,

EURNETCITY has requested a pTLA allocation and I find their request fully 
compliant with RFC2772. The open review period for this will close 28 June 
2002. Please send your comments to me or the list.






>From: "Ferdinando Porcu" <[email protected]>
>To: <[email protected]>
>Subject: pTLA request for EURNetCity (AS20794)
>Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 18:21:08 +0200
>Hi Bob and 6bone members,
>On behalf of EURNetCity, I would like to submit our application for a pTLA.
>1. The pTLA Applicant must have a minimum of three (3) months
>  qualifying experience as a 6Bone end-site or pNLA transit.
>We are connected to the 6bone since Feb 2002 with a /48 from VIAGENIE.
>During the entire qualifying period the Applicant must be operationally
>providing the following:
>a. Fully maintained, up to date, 6Bone Registry entries for their
>ipv6-site inet6num, mntner, and person objects, including each
>tunnel that the Applicant has.
>Our records on the 6bone database are up to date.
>b. Fully maintained, and reliable, BGP4+ peering and connectivity
>between the Applicant's boundary router and the appropriate
>connection point into the 6Bone. This router must be IPv6
>pingable. This criteria is judged by members of the 6Bone
>Operations Group at the time of the Applicant's pTLA request.
>We have currently 3 BGP4+ peering sessions (CSELT and
>RMNet) on a Juniper M10 Router
>c. Fully maintained DNS forward (AAAA) and reverse (ip6.int)
>entries for the Applicant's router(s) and at least one host
>DNS server : dns.ipv6.eurnetcity.net - 3ffe:b80:731:1:2d0:b7ff:feaa:9bbb
>d. A fully maintained, and reliable, IPv6-accessible system
>providing, at a mimimum, one or more web pages, describing the
>Applicant's IPv6 services. This server must be IPv6 pingable.
>IPv6 Web server is at: http://www.ipv6.eurnetcity.net and is pingable
>2. The pTLA Applicant MUST have the ability and intent to provide
>  "production-quality" 6Bone backbone service. Applicants must
>  provide a statement and information in support of this claim.
>  This MUST include the following:
>  a. A support staff of two persons minimum, three preferable, with
>  person attributes registered for each in the ipv6-site object
>  for the pTLA applicant.
>We have a mail entry to the group of technical people at:
>[email protected]
>Tech persons on charge of IPv6 support are:
>  b. A common mailbox for support contact purposes that all support
>  staff have acess to, pointed to with a notify attribute in the
>  ipv6-site object for the pTLA Applicant.
>The staff has access to the common mailbox: [email protected]
>3. The pTLA Applicant MUST have a potential "user community" that
>  would be served by its becoming a pTLA, e.g., the Applicant is a
>  major provider of Internet service in a region, country, or focus
>  of interest. Applicant must provide a statement and information in
>  support this claim.
>Eurnetcity will serve business and residential users in Rome Area for
>broadband  services such as
>VoD, VoIP and internet traffic using his optical metro network to deliver
>We are actually offering our commercial services through PSTN and ISDN
>dialup, dedicated lines, ADSL lines and colocation.
>Our users base is about 1000 home-users and 100 enterprises
>4. The pTLA Applicant MUST commit to abide by the current 6Bone
>  operational rules and policies as they exist at time of its
>  application, and agree to abide by future 6Bone backbone
>  operational rules and policies as they evolve by consensus of the
>  6Bone backbone and user community.
>We fully agree to all current and future operational rules and policies.
>When an Applicant seeks to receive a pTLA allocation, it will apply
>to the 6Bone Operations Group (see section 8 below) by providing to
>the Group information in support of its claims that it meets the
>criteria above.
>Best regards,
>Ferdinando Porcu
>Eurnetcity S.p.A.
>Eurnetcity e' una iniziativa di Eur S.p.A. e Gruppo Acea
>Resp. Servizi IP
>Via Ciro il Grande, 16
>00144 ROMA
>Tel. +39.(0)6.5425.2268
>Fax +39.(0)6.5425.2055
>[email protected]
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