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[6bone] BGP routing 'these days'


When I traced to the NetBSD site just now, I saw that my path to them
is kind of odd. 

At AMS-IX, several parties peer with each other, they normally would
send a full view to each other on the native IPv6 peering point. Now I
wonder why it is that a packet from my network to NetBSD, goes over
several of these parties:

 2 c7206.sara.ams-ix.ipv6.network.bit.nl, to
 3 ams-ix.sara.xs4all.net, to
 4 Gi1-2.BR1.Amsterdam1.surf.net, to
 5 nikhef.ams-ix.ipv6.intouch.net, to
<the tunnel to the US where NetBSD is hanging under somewhere>

The AS path for this would be <me> AS12859 AS3265 AS1103 AS8954 <bla>

And I am dead sure that AS12859 peers with AS8954 directly, and they
both exchange full views. The localpref on these routes is 100 in both
cases. Anybody want to guess why this transits AS3265 and AS1103
nevertheless ? :)


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