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[6bone] ifconfig and EUI-64

    Date:        Tue, 11 Jun 2002 09:55:40 +0200
    From:        Francis Dupont <[email protected]>
    Message-ID:  <[email protected]>

  | => I like to have this

Me too.

  | and the possibility to explicitely set the link-local address too.

Doesn't everyone already allow that?  (Some of my systems have a whole
bunch of link local addresses assigned to various interfaces - after
all, there are 2^64 to choose from on every link, and no nets I use
have nearly that many connected hosts, so each host can have lots...)

What I want, which is maybe what you meant, is the ability to explicitly
set the IID, from which the link-local, and global (and site-local...)
addresses are computed.   That is so when a new prefix appears in a
RA, the new address will automatically be generated using the IID I
specified (which is why simply specifying the whole address doesn't work).