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[Fwd: Re: [6bone] ifconfig and EUI-64]

 In your previous mail you wrote:

   > As far as Linux goes (or anything supported, for that matter),
   > distributions which use INRIA support it in ifconfig with the eui64
   > keyword...exactly how, I'm not sure; I don't use it.
=> I can answer, from man ifconfig:

     eui64   (inet6 only) The real IPv6 address is computed by replacing the
             last 64 bytes of the given address with the Interface Identifier.
             For a point-to-point interface, if a destination address is given
             and has a null Interface Identifier part, the Interface Identifi-
             er part of this destination address is filled by the Interface
             Identifier part of the link-local destination address (which must
             be present).

The interface ID is picked up from the (first) link-local address and
if there is none from the link-layer address. There is a provision for
point-to-point links (i.e. set the peer interface ID too). The last versions
perform this in ifconfig itself but you can implement the same idea in
the kernel or in a script.


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