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Nokia primary whois service unreachable

Thanks for the notes on the Nokia primary whois service being unreachable.

David Kessens (who is the maintainer of the primary) is travelling out of 
the country at the moment, but I am trying to get in touch with him so we 
can get the Nokia primary reachable again.

I use the Viagenie query service so hadn't noticed that Nokia was 
unreachable. However, the Viagenie web i/f for modifying entries in their 
mirror and the primary appears to be refusing requests, probably because 
the primary is unreachable. I will get in touch with them to see what the 

As for IPv6 accessible 6bone registry service, it is certainly time to make 
that happen. I will pursue this.

Anyway, for queries only, go to the Viagenie 6bone registry page at: