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whois server unreachable


On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Pim van Pelt wrote:

> Is there any means of duplicating this service? I would be interrested
> in running a (realtime) copy of the 6bone database at my site <...>

	Approved duplicates are already being ran. The primary WHOIS-
	server is not the only one available. Then again, if memory
	serves, the actual list of mirrors does reside on the very
	same host. :-)

	OTOH, I cannot help noticing even the mirror-servers *are*
	currently turning down 6BONE queries.

		whois.ra.net: "Source 6BONE (6bone) not found."

		whois.nic.fr: Some person-objects seem to be there,
		although fresh pTLA's et al do not turn up? Obsoleted

	Personally, I would just contact the people behind the WHOIS-
	server(s) directly -- it's not impossible that the fault has
	gone unnoticed. David is probably the key-person here.

	Until he reacts, you can, however, just fetch the source for
	a capable WHOIS-daemon (RIPE+6BONE) and grab the DB dated Feb
	25th (last succesful transfer) from:


	...and run it for yourself. Works wonders.

	All in all, I would more imagine the number one objective is
	simply ensuring data-availability and the stability of the
	WHOIS-primary-- not necessarily immediately aiming for running
	db-synch with true parallelity et al.

	As for accessing the DB per modification, instead of utilizing
	batch-updates - such software more has its flaws in design
	rather than in implementation.

	Good guests do not starvate remote-resources with unnecessary
	per-connection overhead.

	Good guests commit per batch wherever applicable. :-)

> Pim

	Ville <[email protected]>  Network Security/IPv6 Solutions
				  Stealth Communications, Inc.