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On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 12:45:18AM +0100, Nicolas DEFFAYET wrote:
> Hi Carlos,
> For request pTLA (a /28) you need:
> - You must have a minimum of 3 months qualifying experience as a 6bone
> site.
> - You must have a fully maintained, and reliable, BGP4+ peering and
> connectivity between other 6bone site.
> - You must have fully maintained DNS forward (AAAA) and reverse
> (ip6.int).
> - You muts have fully maintained, and reliable, IPv6-accessible system
> providing, at a mimimum, one or more web pages, describing your IPv6
> services.
> - You must have a support staff of two persons minimum, three
> preferable, with person attributes registered for each in the ipv6-site
> object of your whois.
> - You must have a common mailbox for support.
> - You must respect the 6bone rules...

You also need to have a network and an AS number
(a real one, not 65000 stuff). Already established v4 BGP to physical
uplinks is the normal way.

Patrick Viet, [email protected]
on the web, http://pvi.n3.net/