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new 6bone pTLA prefix proposal, comments by 4 March 2002 please

 broken or not, its part of the protocol design. "fixing" it
 will take more years than has been expended on IPv6.

> On Mon, 18 Feb 2002 [email protected] wrote:
> > 	there are areas/places where renumbering fails miserably,
> > 	notably within DNS, SNMP, NTP and anywhere applications
> > 	depend on knowing the whereabouts of remote systems, -by
> > 	address-.  Many applications use the IP address to reduce 
> > 	the delay in a DNS lookup. These applications are sensitive
> > 	to wholesale renumbering, often to to point that they have
> > 	no idea how broadly the hardcoded IP address has spread.
> Imho, an application doing this is fundamentally broken.  One day this
> will come back to bite, especially under IPv6.  I believe that avoiding
> renumbering to cater for apps that did the wrong thing in the first place
> would be a big mistake.  Besides, dns data is cached, so the first lookup
> might be slower but the rest should come off a local dns server.
> Rob
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