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pTLA request for NL-BIT6 - review closes 28 February 2002

6bone Folk,

NL-BIT6 has requested a pTLA allocation and I find their request fully 
compliant with RFC2772. The open review period for this will close 28 
February 2002. Please send your comments to me or the list.





>Picking up where Bob and I left off, I'll quote him:
>| Pim,
>| I think most is in order, however, you don't have any inet6num entry for
>| your current address allocation. Also, I need to know that NL-BIT6 has been
>| active for 3 months.
>There is an inet6num object inserted at the RIPE registry, because BIT has 
>an active participant from that address space. Unfortunately, I stated the
>wrong information in my original request. I said the object NL-BIT6 was 
>but the object's current name is BIT6-NL:
>inet6num:     2001:06E0:0209::/48
>netname:      BIT6-NL
>descr:        Business Internet Trends IPv6 deployment
>country:      NL
>admin-c:      BITT1-RIPE
>tech-c:       BITT1-RIPE
>remarks:      Abuse reports go to [email protected], peering issues
>remarks:      go to PBVP1-RIPE <[email protected]>
>mnt-by:       BIT-MNT
>changed:      [email protected] 20010811
>changed:      [email protected] 20010930
>source:       RIPE
>As seen from the changed fields, BIT was first active on the 6bone during
>the HAL2001 convention in Enschede(NL), where we set things up from a cute
>To further complicate things, I did set up an NL-BIT6 ipv6-site object at
>the 6BONE registry. I shall delete the RIPE one as soon as BIT gets its own
>aggregatable space. I will (at least try to) use <COUNTRY>-<COMPANY>6
>to denote things later on and try to keep the naming hierarical.
>I hope this clears up any pending issues. If there's anything else, please
>let me know!
>On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 05:47:20PM +0100, Pim van Pelt wrote:
>| Dear Bob, and 6BONE folk,
>| Via these means, I would like to inform you all, that I am switching
>| employers on the 1st of March 2002, when my current contract at WiseGuys
>| Internet BV ends. My new employer, Business Internet Trends, is an ISP
>| and colocation provider in The Netherlands. I will be joining their
>| team as a network engineer per 1/3/2002. Yay!
>| I plan to do many exciting things with and for BIT, one of which, you
>| could've known, is starting a native IPv6 deployment from the AMS-v6-IX
>| to the head quarters and colocation facilities in Ede (GLD).
>| This is why I am requesting a pTLA allocation to be made for this
>| company. We hope to have this space allocated per 01/03 so we can dive
>| into the configuration and implementational details.
>| Please let me know what you think of this.
>| Kind regards,
>| Pim van Pelt
>| ----- pTLA request form -----
>| 1. The pTLA Applicant must have a minimum of three (3) months
>|       qualifying experience as a 6Bone end-site or pNLA transit.   During
>|       the entire qualifying period the Applicant must be operationally
>|       providing the following:
>|       a. Fully maintained, up to date, 6Bone Registry entries for their
>|          ipv6-site inet6num, mntner, and person objects, including each
>|          tunnel that the Applicant has.
>| Our current inet6num is BIT6-NL (2001:06E0:0209::/48), which is natively
>| connected to the INTOUCH-NL networks at the AMS-v6-IX. It is maintained
>| by BIT-MNT (RIPE) and has a role BITT1-RIPE for technical and
>| administrative contact. We have inserted copies of the -RIPE objects into
>| the 6BONE registry where appropriate:
>| [ipv6-site] NL-BIT6
>| [person] HM6669-6BONE (Hans van der Made)
>| [person] SAB666-6BONE (Sabri Berisha)
>| [person] AB2298-6BONE (Alex Bik)
>| [role] BITT1-6BONE (Business Internet Trends Technical Role Account)
>| and
>| [person] PBVP1-6BONE (Pim van Pelt)
>|       b. Fully maintained, and reliable, BGP4+ peering and connectivity
>|          between the Applicant's boundary router and the appropriate
>|          connection point into the 6Bone. This router must be IPv6
>|          pingable. This criteria is judged by members of the 6Bone
>|          Operations Group at the time of the Applicant's pTLA request.
>| We have a BGP session with AS8954 at the AMS-v6-IX, which connects our
>| Cisco 2600 to the 6BONE. We would like to enforce our network by setting
>| up additional peerings and announcing our own network via BGP. This way
>| AS8954 will not have to take care of our own traffic. Our address is
>| currently:
>| ipv6.bit.nl. has AAAA address 2001:6e0:0:10a::2
>| ipv6.bit.nl. has AAAA address 2001:6e0:209:2:203:6bff:fe6e:52a0
>| Where the former is a VLAN where Intouch AMSIX is ::1/64 and we are
>| ::2/64 in Ede. Both addresses are on the C2600 at our site and reply
>| pings.
>|       c. Fully maintained DNS forward (AAAA) and reverse (ip6.int)
>|          entries for the Applicant's router(s) and at least one host
>|          system.
>| Forward entries for bit.nl (IN AAAA, and in the future IN A6) can be
>| found at:
>| bit.nl. name server ns2.bit.nl.
>| bit.nl. name server ns3.bit.nl.
>| bit.nl. name server ns.bit.nl.
>| The reversed zonefile from Intouch is handled by IPng at this point,
>| and only on one server:
>| name server ns1.ipng.nl.
>| but will move to ns/ns2/ns3.bit.nl per 01-03-2002.
>|       d. A fully maintained, and reliable, IPv6-accessible system
>|          providing, at a mimimum, one or more web pages, describing the
>|          Applicant's IPv6 services.  This server must be IPv6 pingable.
>| We have a server ready at www.ipv6.bit.nl, and do not plan to do much
>| with this at the moment. There are some pages on the server, though.
>| It's address is: 2001:6e0:209:3:290:27ff:fe0c:5c5e, port 80. It pings.
>|    2. The pTLA Applicant MUST have the ability and intent to provide
>|       "production-quality" 6Bone backbone service. Applicants must
>|       provide a statement and information in support of this claim.
>|       This MUST include the following:
>|       a. A support staff of two persons minimum, three preferable, with
>|          person attributes registered for each in the ipv6-site object
>|          for the pTLA applicant.
>| Alex Bik, Sabri Berisha, Hans van der Made and Pim van Pelt, forming
>| BITT1-6BONE, as describe in section 1.
>|       b. A common mailbox for support contact purposes that all support
>|          staff have acess to, pointed to with a notify attribute in the
>|          ipv6-site object for the pTLA Applicant.
>| This mailbox is [email protected] and we will be using @ipv6.bit.nl once we
>| get settled. Another entry is [email protected], which is roughly the same persons
>| but for a more generic communication (eg v4 and v6 related)
>|    3. The pTLA Applicant MUST have a potential "user community" that
>|       would be served by its becoming a pTLA, e.g., the Applicant is a
>|       major provider of Internet service in a region, country, or focus
>|       of interest. Applicant must provide a statement and information in
>|       support this claim.
>| We are a hosting and application service provider, with a valid userbase
>| for IPv6. Two main aspects come to mind: Access and Colocation. The former
>| consists of a nationwide dialup network, and several leased lines to
>| customers and the latter is a set of colocation facilities with some
>| 250 customers' boxes. We are about to build a third colocation facility
>| on a seperate location with a gigabit uplink to the AMS-IX, providing
>| additional services to an ever growing customer base, including the
>| possibility of traffic exchange between ISPs at this location.
>|    4. The pTLA Applicant MUST commit to abide by the current 6Bone
>|       operational rules and policies as they exist at time of its
>|       application, and agree to abide by future 6Bone backbone
>|       operational rules and policies as they evolve by consensus of the
>|       6Bone backbone and user community.
>| We have a commitment to our customers and the 6bone, and armed with
>| technical clue, we agree to abide by these rules and policies laid down
>| by the 6bone community.
>|    When an Applicant seeks to receive a pTLA allocation, it will apply
>|    to the 6Bone Operations Group (see section 8 below) by providing to
>|    the Group information in support of its claims that it meets the
>|    criteria above.
>| 8. 6Bone Operations Group
>|    The 6Bone Operations Group is the group in charge of monitoring and
>|    policing adherence to the current rules. Membership in the 6Bone
>|    Operations Group is mandatory for, and restricted to, sites connected
>|    to the 6Bone.
>|    The 6Bone Operations Group is currently defined by those members of
>|    the existing 6Bone mailing list who represent sites participating in
>|    the 6Bone. Therefore it is incumbent on relevant site contacts to
>|    join the 6Bone mailing list. Instructions on how to join the list are
>|    maintained on the 6Bone web site at < http://www.6bone.net>.