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On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Michael Richardson wrote:
> >>>>> "rgen" == rgen Hovland <J> writes:
>     rgen> How do you implement this globally? Msdp, bgmp ?  What about
>     rgen> internally? PIM6 around?  Since cisco doesnt support it, are there
>     rgen> any software around for linux/unix?
>   I don't know of any... I have success with IPv4+DVMRP, but nobody
> wants to connect with that anymore. I have little success with IPv4+PIMdd due
> to problems with pimdd itself (on NetBSD) it seems. 
>   I have zebra running on my IPv6 gateway doing BGP4 for IPv6 and would be
> happy to experiment with others if there is some MOSPF,PIM6,etc. support in
> zebra that I don't know about.

pim6sd and pim6dd are available for *BSD; previously (at least in FreeBSD)  
but were removed to ports due licensing IIRC.

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