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(6bone) Ingress filtering (was: asymmetric routing)

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Joel Baker wrote:
> Any protocol which does not support the ability to control traffic balance
> to some degree... will just be ignored. After all, why should a business
> spend millions of dollars to adopt a protocol which makes their connections
> far less efficient?

A protocol that will make multihoming work _at all_ would fit the criteria

> interests is... well, just read the sentance. Anything which doesn't give
> out PI space, and routes, to everyone who has them now, just isn't likely
> to really fly.

Problem with IPv6 multihoming is that IPv4 multihoming is so "easy" and 
works quite well.  It may be we can't design a protocol or equivalent that 
will handle the scenarios responsibly and as well.

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