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[6bone] proposal for transfer of 6bone address management res ponsibilities to RIRs

>Is there any reason to do this?  Bob has done a fantastic job for forever.
>Why would we want to move to a pay system from the RIR's who have no
>incentive to dish out 3ffe::/16 space for a possible reduced price? when
>they have production space. I think Bob is the way to go here.

	Bob can't serve people forever.  in fact, he is a bit older than my dad
	(IIRC), so he should have some plans on retirement and such.
	i consider a system broken when everyone depends on single person.
	(for instance, what happens if Bob experiences a car accident?)

	i really hope major ISPs outside of Japan to roll out IPv6 services
	based on sTLA address, and remove the needs for volunteer-based 6bone.