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[6bone] Re: (usagi-users 01752) Re: two address

In article <[email protected]> (at Tue, 20 Aug 2002 09:50:20 -0500), Gino Francisco Alania Hurtado <[email protected]> says:

> Good, it compiles kernel with the USAGI, the version it is of the 
> 2,4,18, indeed with this the normal thing is that aparesca a global 
> direction ipv6 but adds a direction to me but, knowledge treatment that 
> or who generates that new direction. Somebody quizas I solve east problem?

... I don't understand ...
What do you mean by "aparesca", "quizas", "new direction" and "east problem"???

If you are talking about "link" scope addresses, see RFC2373.
If your are talking about additional "global" scope addresses, see RFC3041.