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[6bone] Just a few newbie questions

> Hi Rasmus, if you want to know about cisco IPv6 implementations check this
> web page http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/732/Tech/ipv6/

or more simply, http://www.cisco.com/ipv6 - it's a redirect to the same 
  URL as above, but it's a lot eaasier to remember!

> Like Cisco routers (I have a 1605 and a 806 here) and/or Linux box

You can run IPv6 on any of these platforms.

You can find relevant IOS images using either Cisco Feature Navigator at 
http://www.cisco.com/go/fn or Cisco Software Advisor at 

 > which of those would be preferred?

Without more info, I'd say they're probably all equally as good.

But if the routers don't have enough FLASH to load an IPv6 IOS image 
then you'll have to use the linux box. But again, if the linux box is 
running on low-end hardware then maybe one of the cisco routers is a 
good choice?

Paul Aitken
IPv6 Development, Cisco Systems Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland. EH6 6LX