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[6bone] 3ffe:1ced::/32 is being returned to MERIT

As indicated in our application for pTLA space, EnterZone has now
completely renumbered out of 3ffe:1ced::/32 and into our new RIR and pTLA
space.  We now officially relinquish this prefix back to MERIT.

I would like to thank all the operators who made modifications to your
filters to allow our announcement of this deaggregated prefix during the
interim.  AS13944 just retracted all announcements for 3ffe:1ced::/32. You
may now tighten your filters back up.

MERIT: Um, our tunnel is still down.  You did make the modification of the
v4 endpoint but, must have missed the part about the v6 addresses for each
end of the tunnel.

If you would like to maintain a BGP peering session with EnterZone, please
contact us and we will assign new v6 addresses for the tunnel and
configure a BGP peering session.

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