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[6bone] 2001:470::/35 ghost routes.

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Wim Biemolt wrote:

> ==> From: John Fraizer
> > New and improved code is available at
> > ftp://ftp.enterzone.net/looking-glass/CURRENT/ )
> Feature request: handle routers who need username + password.
> (And fastping.c doesn't seem to compile on my 4.6-STABLE box.)
> -Wim -/- SURFnet


Look in sub execute_command.

Prior to:

  $t->cmd ($login_pass);

do a   $t->cmd ($login_username);

You'll have to pass that information to the program of course and put in
some logic to not try to send a username to routers that don't require it
but, it should be simple enough to do.

As for fastping, I didn't write the code.  I just use it and make it
available in the tarball for folks who want to use it.

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