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[6bone] pTLA request by Euro6IX project for exchangeexperimentation - review closes 3 Sep 2002

	using "metro-based" addressing is a novel spin on traditional
	delegation techniques. to some degree, it is an outgrowth of
	"normal" exchange point delegations, in that the prefix is
	bound to a geographic region.  Such techniques have been proposed
	in both the v4 and v6 communities.  This looks to be a serious
	attempt to try it with v6. 

	that said, I don't see why this request -requires- 6bone space,
	but then again, its more in the spirit of testing new address
	management techniques than some of the 6bone delegations have
	presented for justification. 
	IPv4 space has been delegated for similar addressing experiments 
	in the past and may be in future.  Some ended cleanly (net 39)
	and some have taken more time (net 24). 

	Given the nature of the experiment in addressing on a metro-scale,
	and that the 6bone is clearly experimental in nature, I'm in
	favor of letting these folks get a delegation to see if the 
	social/engineering aspects will work.   If so, they should end
	up renumbering into production space, just like the rest of the
	experiments, when they wrap up.

% I see,
%   in that case I guess we better start creating the 4Bone, for newvie 
% ISPs in IPv4 and people developing new applications  that benefit 
% from IPv4 transport.
% Come on, these two cases were OK up to the point where people could 
% not get any other type of IPv6 addresses but now they are just normal 
% businness.
% Only case A really merits 6Bone addresses, because items in that 
% category would have the potential to disrupt an operating Internet 
% using IPv6 in some of its areas.
% I hope this group will be able to move on and take the step of 
% declaring IPv6 usable.
% Joao
% At 9:43 -0700 13/8/02, Bob Fink wrote:
% >At 05:32 PM 8/13/2002 +0200, Joao Luis Silva Damas wrote:
% >>Hi 6bone'rs,
% >>
% >>a bit of this message got me thinking and I would really like some 
% >>input from this group on the exact meaning and intention of R&D in 
% >>the context of the 6bone.
% >>
% >>Is R&D in the context of the 6bone:
% >>
% >>A) R&D in new IPv6 protocol or transition mechanism features?
% >
% >Yes, both.
% >
% >>B) R&D  as experimentation in the context of deployment within an 
% >>ISP or other network operator?
% >
% >Yes.
% >
% >>C) R&D un-related to IPv6, such as work done at an R&D institution 
% >>(University or corporate research center, for instance)?
% >
% >Nope.
% >
% >>D) R&D related to applications which might benefit from using IPv6 
% >>as transport?
% >
% >Yes.
% >
% >>Note: With these questions I am not questioning this particular 
% >>case, just looking for clarification in the context of the 6Bone.
% >
% >
% >Thanks,
% >
% >Bob
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