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Cisco support (was [6bone] routing problem)

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Michel Py wrote:

> > What kind of an attitude is this? Someone has a problem,
> > an employee of the vendor jumps in and offers to help them,
> > and you COMPLAIN? Employees of vendors have the same right
> > to participate on a mailing list as the rest of the world...
> > If someone offers to help, you should be glad!
> We have a word for this kind of people: Trolls. And they troll not to
> help, but because someone said something about their precious product
> being less than perfect, heaven forbid.

Watch using that word "we" Michel.  Someone who reads this thread in the
archive might very well group *me* into that pronoun.  I believe you're
being a a bit pretentious here.

> > Hey folks,
> > while this is definitely funny:
> > cr4.hamburg1#sh bgp ipv6 2001:610::/35
> > BGP routing table entry for 2001:610::/35, version 201014
> > Paths: (0 available, no best path)
> > Flag: 0x820
> >  Advertised to peer-groups:
> >     PEERS
> > Isn't it? As you see, the cisco knows the path
> > but does not know any paths towards the destination :-)
> > -Sascha
> Note that Sascha never asked for help. The only reason Cisco jumped in
> is to try to diffuse the consequences of a Cisco bug being posted to a
> public list.

Oh good friggin' grief!  If they hadn't jumped in and offered to help, you
would complain about their lack of support.  They jump in (and I commend
them for doing so) and you jump their $h!t?

Good God, man.  Get a life.

> Just added to my personal troll list: [email protected]

Just added to my dropped peers list:


I want no direct or perceived association with anyone so asinine.

> (No match for Jim Fleming, though).

Actually, I think you're quite the equal of Jim, perhaps even more of a
kook based on todays rantings.

Happy blackholes,

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