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[6bone] pTLA request by Euro6IX project for exchange experimentation - review closes 3 Sep 2002

Bob /Jordi / 6boner,

In the light of Jordi's reply, I am favorable to the request. However, I
am not sure I read Bob correctly.

> Bob Fink wrote:
> I would also appreciate discussion of any considerations
> that we should be aware of as a 6bone test project.

Bob, do you consider Euro6IX to be a "special" pTLA?

The point I am trying to make here is related to the Teredo request and
the points that Thomas and myself brought back then. I was wondering if
Euro6IX should be placed in the same situation.

My line of thinking is that "special" requests need to have a "special"
consequence on 6bone routing, which certainly applies to Teredo and geo

However, in Euro6IX' case, I don't see what granting them a pTLA changes
for my view of the routing table.

Reading Joao's post that just came in, I think that it might be a good
time to clarify/change the definition of pTLA and write the definition
of "special purpose" 6bone block. Please keep this in mind when
finishing the RIR proposal.