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[6bone] peering


I've got a ::/48 allocation from a tunnel broker which has been working well 
for getting connectivity to and from the 6bone. However, I'd now like to get 
in to some peering and exchanging of prefixes with others. However, under 
ipv6 it's a lot harder due to strict aggregation rules. 

Therefore, are the only people I can peer with are others who also have 
similar ::/48's which are part of the same larger ::/28? If not, then is the 
only way to be able to peer with others is expect your upstream pTLA people 
to peer with the other pTLAs? Is the intention of an allocation from a 
tunnel provider just a temporary thing before getting a prefix from my 
upstream provider, so they're not really my addresses per se to annouce to 
others? What's a generally accepted practice for this sort of thing? The 
main problems is that it'll be many Christmases before many immediate 
upstreams offer anything in the way of ipv6 allocations. 

Also I'd be interested if anyone would be prepared to offer just a passive 
6bone route feed? 

We've got a mini-ix here in NZ peering with several other similar tunnel 
allocations, but connecting these up to other tunnels would be ideal - 
there's not much fueling the v6 growth in New Zealand.