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[6bone] semi-newbie Q on IPv6 address planning


On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 03:24:57PM +0200, Nils Höglund wrote:
> > Seconded.  EUI-64 sucks big time (using MAC addresses and such is a nice
> > idea, but why on earth can't they map 48 bits to 64 in a somewhat more
> > straightforward way than "distribute them over all the 64bits"?)
> Probobly beacause there are more media-types and link layer protocols in the
> world than ethernet.

So?  For those media types you need other rules anyway.  No need to uglify
things for the most common multiaccess network type.

A decent approach could have been "put control stuff in the first 16 bits,
map the MAC address 1:1 to the next 48 bits".

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