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[6bone] semi-newbie Q on IPv6 address planning

At 15:02 +0200 2/8/02, Gert Doering wrote:
>On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 10:39:40AM +0200, Joao Luis Silva Damas wrote:
>>  I chose a /126 (instead of a /127, even before reading Pekka's draft)
>>  also because that's what a lot of network engineers are used to in
>>  IPv4 (a /31) and it minimises human error (which is far more frequent
>>  than a hardware failure).
>Ummm.  I assume a typo here, but the equivalent of a /31 in IPv4 world
>is a */127*, not a /126...

Typo indeed, make it /30 :-)

>  > And I wish protocol design wasn't a game of designing nice bit
>>  templates and took operational practice into account as a starting
>>  point.
>Seconded.  EUI-64 sucks big time (using MAC addresses and such is a nice
>idea, but why on earth can't they map 48 bits to 64 in a somewhat more
>straightforward way than "distribute them over all the 64bits"?)

And, would you use your router interface's mac address ever to 
configure the interface IP?