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[6bone] Instability incarnate

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, Rik van Riel wrote:

> On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, John Fraizer wrote:
> > It figures it is someone without a real ASN that is flapping.
> I'm one of the admins of nl.linux.org, but I'll have to note that
> COMPENDIUM has used this ASN since before I joined.  I've now
> contacted the maintainer of COMPENDIUM and am looking at a way
> to get a real ASN.  Preferably without paying $500/year to ARIN ;)
> > humbolt.nl.linux.org (
> >
> > tunnel:       IPv6 in IPv4 m6.ipv6.euronet.be -> humbolt.nl.linux.org COMPENDIUM BGP4+
> >
> > So, the flapper is COMPENDIUM.
> I've had problems reaching this host over ipv4 too, today.
> Could it be possible the flapping has occured because ipv4
> routing for the tunnels got disrupted ?
> kind regards,
> Rik

That is completely possible.  I contend that this is *ALL* possible to
monotor via SNMP. (If you're running anything *close* to production
quality code that is.  If you're not, don't bother requesting a BGP
session with ENTERZONE!)  If you're not monitoring this, can I ask why
not?  I'm not jumping anyones case here.  I just tend to expect my peers
to take things as seriously as I do and take the same precautions.

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