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[6bone] semi-newbie Q on IPv6 address planning

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, Philip Smith wrote:
> At 23:18 31/07/2002 +0100, Tim Chown wrote:
> >Under the old /35 regime, a /29 was actually reserved for you to grow
> >into, for aggregation sake.   Is the /32 still growable to an aggregated
> >/29 now, or /26, or what?
> The reserved /29 is no more. So if you got a /35 under the old scheme, you 
> can grow it to a /32 (as many folks are doing now) on application to the 
> RIR. 

Practically, it still is, until there are assignments from that /29..

> When you require more address space after the initial /32, you return 
> to the registries. Pretty much as we do in IPv4-land...


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