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"Bad Request" while access httpd with IPv6 server address


I have installed apache 1.3.19 with ipv6 enable. And
the server's IPv6 address is 3ffe:2e01:2:1::2 in our
local testbed.
But when I access with http://[3ffe:2e01:2:1::2], "400
Bad Request.  Your browser sent a request that this
server could not understand. Client sent malfored Host
header <<3ffe:2e01:2:1::2>>. And in the server's log
file, there is error message like 
[Fri. Nov 16 12:28:41 2001] [error] [client
3ffe:2e01:2:1::1] Client sent malfored Host header

But if I add the follwing line to /etc/hosts and
access the server with http://ipv6-server, it works
   3ffe:2e01:2:1::2  ipv6-server
And web browser I used is mozilla 0.9.5.

Please give me any help. I try to solve this problem
for a few days, but I can't get the answer.

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