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Some questions


are you sure you already set up an IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel with an IPv6 
tunnel broker in your gateway? AFAIK, nor win98 neither winroute have the 
capability of establishing IPv6 tunnels.

You'd probably need to change your win98 gateway box for a win2000 (or 
*NIX) box before you can route IPv6 packets.

To get a tunnel broker look at www.freenet6.net where you can obtain an
upstream provider and a /48 for free in a few minutes.



On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, Ariel A. Ramos R. wrote:

> Hey guys, i have some questions
> 1) I connect to internet via dialup, the computer uses win98 and uses 
> winroute to act as a gateway of my LAN... My pc has windows 2000 with sp2 
> and ipv6 support that i have downloaded from microsoft's page. Can i send 
> ipv6 traffic?
> I tried to ping www.6bone.net with ping6 but i got these results:
> D:\>ping6 www.6bone.net
> Pinging 6bone.net [3ffe:b00:c18:1::10] with 32 bytes of data:
> No route to destination.
> No route to destination.
> No route to destination.
> No route to destination.
> I think that my gateway can't route ipv6 packets
> how i can correct this? i need to have a *NIX router?