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Looking for BGP peers

Jim Fleming [mailto:[email protected]] wrote:

> From: "Jeroen Massar" <[email protected]>
> > 
> > > Do you use a 2002:<IPv4>:0000 prefix ?
> > 
> It all boils down to fairness.
> Which list do you think is more fair ?
> The "toy" IPv4 Internet Early Experimentation Allocations ?
> http://www.iana.org/assignments/ipv4-address-space
> or
> The Proof-of-Concept IPv8 Allocations ?
> http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/130dftmail/unir.txt

You asked which "list" ... those things you mentioned are URL's.... and
'fair' all depends on point of view....
Is it 'fair' for all the subscribers of all those lists you spam to try
and push your 'IPv8' idea down everybodies throat?

And IPv4 isn't a toy.... it's USED by MILLIONS of people on a day by day
basis.... and IPv6 is also catching on in user count...
Has your 'IPv8' got _any_ users whatsoever ??? Is there an

> Why would people pay for Address Space, when it is FREE ?
I never have payed for "Addresss Space" in all those years I have been
using the internet... being it IPv4 and/or IPv6...
I do pay for stuff like a phonenumber on my cell phone...
Big companies do have to pay for the management of the IP space but
hey... somebody has to do that... and have you got any idea how
expensive a good working backup solution and maintainance staff is for
something as crucial as the internet for some businesses...

That 'free' entitity which is going to 'manage' (I sincerely hope some
entity is going to manage your IPv8 space) is surely going to ask money
for your IPv8 space management...
You prolly don't want to hear your bank say that they can't recall
having your money on account 2242424241 or something now do you?
And yes indeed you have to pay for that management (banks simply invest
your money and get revenue out of that)

Oh by the way... I don't use the 6to4 range (2002::/16) simply because I
got my own *free* IPv6 /60 :)
Maybe you should try www.freenet6.net which give you a /48 FOR FREE
(unless you start counting your ISP and electrical bills and stuff)

Nothing is *FREE* in this world.... now go grow a brain...


PS: Jim, I set the reply-to to your own email so you can converse the
rest of your stupendous mailings with yourself...
the [email protected] (bcc'd so it will go away too on reply) is a
mailinglist for 6bone content _not_ for fle^Hame wars about 'IPv8' or
other delusions...