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how about freenet6

Last I heard Freenet6 will ping you twice a week, if both pings fail, they 
remove the tunnel.

Personally, Freenet6 is good for a quick setup testing, but not long term. 
They also seem to be down often for one reason or another. Many brokers 
will support static tunnels for non perm connected people, it just depends 
on their policy, some require perm connections, some don't. Check with the 
broker before you apply, or often it is stated in their tunnel requirements.


At 08:53 AM 22/03/2001 -0600, [email protected] wrote:
>but i have heard that the freenet6 will discard the tunnel when it can't 
>get ping respond from the router, i can't make my router runing for all 
>day at this time , so i want to connet to a site who will support static 
>as for the IOS which support IPV6, a beta version is in need ,u can 
>download it from the CISCO website.