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looking for a reliable ipv6 accessible public web or ftp server

> I wish to be able to use ftp or http to verify operation of my =
> connection - I can ping6 thnigs no problem but when I tried accessing =
> some of the IPv6 reachable servers listed on the 6bone page - I wasn't =
> able to connect - I am not sure if this is a problem with my =
> configuration or the server(s) - if anyone knows a reliable IPv6 =
> accessible server I could try please let me know
A common mistake for people to make is setting a route like this:
3ffe::/16	via gateway <your uplink>

Which will make your router only forward packets destined for the 6bone.
A better route would be (2000 chosen for esthetical reasons):
2000::/3	via gateway <your uplink>

Which will route traffic for 2001::/16, 2002::/16 (6to4) and 3ffe::/16 (6bone)
over your box. Good luck!


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