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Please join the new multi6 wg where these issues are explicitly being 




At 09:29 PM 3/9/2001 -0600, Matt Bradbury wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I've been looking around for some clear answers on how multi-homing is going
>to be done in the IPv6 world for the lowly enterprises and smaller ISP's of
>the world that can't be a part of the DFZ.
>Nothing that I have read gives me any faith in the people that are currently
>developing the standards.  As a company, if we did not have the ability to
>multi-home with complete redundancy, we would not be able to operate on a
>day to day basis.
>Maybe I've missed some more recent discussions on the matter, but most of
>what I find is from 97-98 timeframe.  If someone could point me to some
>references that do take these concerns into account I would greatly
>appreciate it.
>As a side note to the Aggregation is God philosophy.  If organizations are
>given large blocks to start with, I see organizations only having to
>announce 1 prefix, as opposed to current situations where organizations
>announce many smaller blocks.  They could announce these routes out all of
>their peers and they would add to routing tables, but with router
>manufactures now touting 1-2 million route storage in their devices, I'm not
>sure just how relevant these problems are.