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OpenBSD IPv6 problem


On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 [email protected] wrote:
> the above error is generated because of this configuration.
> please use either of the following:
> ifconfig gif1 inet6 3ffe:80b0:1001:ff::3 3ffe:80b0:1001:ff::2 prefixlen 128 alias
> ifconfig gif1 inet6 3ffe:80b0:1001:ff::3 prefixlen 64 alias
> if you specify both of the addresses, use prefixlen = 128; otherwise,
> use prefixlen = 64 (or 127 if you really want to).
> latest KAME code checks the condition on ioctl time.
May sound like a stupid question, but isn't the 'prefixlen' the IPv6
equivalent for the IPv4 netmask, or am I missing something?

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