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6to4 prefix announcements?

>It'd appear that 6to4 prefixes aren't announced on 6bone too much (I only
>saw 2002::/16).
>Due to this, ping6 within EU<->EU takes 800 ms instead of 300 ms because
>it must go through ipv6-router.cisco.com.
>I think this could be optimized by announcing prefixes, e.g. those
>calculated from IPv4 addresses where IPv6 is being tested and 6to4 used.

	see RFC3056, section 5.10.  you can configure static routes to
	2002:xxxx:xxxx::/48 if you want to optimize it, but be sure not to
	announce that route.

>Or is there reasons why this is not done?

	do you want to see 2^32 routes announced to the 6bone?