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Routing Header question


I'm studing the IPv6 protocol and after reading the "Internet Protocol
Verson 6 Specification" (RFC2460) i have some dificult to understand the
information of routing header (extension header).

In page 11 refer " ... The Routing header is used by an IPv6 source to
list one or more
   intermediate nodes to be "visited" on the way to a packet's
destination.  This function is very similar to IPv4's Loose Source and
Record Route option.... "

and in  page 14 refer "... A Routing header is not examined or processed
until it reaches the
   node identified in the Destination Address field of the IPv6 header.

I understand routing header as a method to save part of, or entire path,
to destination of a packet and all  intermediate routers look the
information of vector of "addresses " (when extension header exist) in
routing header, and based on this information forward the packect to the
next address in the vector of addresses of routing header. I suppose
this need to examine and process routing header in all intermediate
nodes but in page 14 i can see that ideia are incorrect and routing
header is only examined in the Destination Address.Can anyone help me to
understand very well the goal of Routing Header?

Maybe this is one basic question but i'm begginer :)

Thank you before