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6to4 clarification needed

Tony Hain wrote:

> Another part appears to be deciding when a host would act as its own
> 6to4-router vs. having the IPv4 router also provide that function. The
> simple answer is this is a local decision, but if the router is providing
> the service it should do so in both directions. It appears from your
> description that you have a fully routed public IPv4 network; so all hosts
> could (and in my opinion should) act as their own 6to4-router.


The difficulty with that is that if a host is its own 6to4 router, then 
its own IP address will be in its prefix. Which is fine if it's just a 
host on its own. But if you have a network full of hosts, then it is 
better to have a single machine act as a router and prefix supplier. 
Then all your hosts will network within a single IPv6 network rather 
than each one being in its own network and communicating with 6to4 to 
other machines on the same piece of cable.