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6bone related Questions

Hi everyone,

I recently posted a question regarding the 6bone project, but got no
I am posting the same question again because I am not sure it got to its
destination the last time.
Here goes...

I'm trying to figure out how to connect my organization to the 6bone
My problem is that I am located in Israel and as far as I understand no
organization from Israel has yet filed a request to register as a  pTLA.
Does anybody know of such organization ? can you think of an alternative
pTLA that we can connect to  (who's the preferred from our point of view ?)?
In addition, I am trying to figure out all the implications that might rise
as a result of connecting to the 6bone project:
Financial implications - equipment, manpower, registration fees and etc.
Time implications - registration period, project participation period and
What should I do once I am connected to the 6bone ? Are there special daily
tasks or "to-do list" or should I sit back and relax until I'll get my pTLA
assignment ?

I'll be happy If you have any information regarding the above.
Thanks in advance

                   Amit Schnitzer 
          Network and Security team
Partner Communications Company Ltd.
                 Tel: 03-9055765
              Mobile: 054-815765