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6to4 clarification needed

I've read all I could find on the web regarding 6to4, and am somewhat
confused. Since the IPV4 address of the target router is embedded in the IPV6
address, shouldn't my IPV6 stack be smart enough to follow ipv4 routing for
all 6to4 traffic? So, my relay router would only need to be used for inbound
traffic and for non-6to4 IPV6 outbound traffic?

I was thinking of hacking the sit.c source to make it treat 6to4 traffic in
this manner. Or has someone already done this for linux? Is the freebsd stf
device what I'm looking for?

Of course I could, as some 6to4 descriptions say, route all my IPV6 traffic to
the relay router, but isn't that somehow defeating the beauty of the 6to4
mechanism, being able to use all my available links to route the traffic? Not
to mention, if another host on my network starts using 6to4, it doesn't make
much sense having to talk to him via the 6bone when he's reachable on my LAN.
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