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Problems with the registry.


On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 08:09:53AM -0300, [email protected] wrote:
> I've written to [email protected], but received no answer so I ask
> publically for somebody who can help us.
> When trying to register the new Columbian island we get:
>  *ERROR*:      unknown country code: "CO"
>  *ERROR*:      contact  for addition to the valid country list
>  *ERROR*:      if you believe that CO is a valid ISO 3166 country code
> as the answer (CO is, of course, the ISO 3166 country code for Colombia)
> Is somebody here able to correct that?

The original error message that was send by the database software
contained the email address of the person to contact about this
problem and it also mentioned that the country code possibly had to be
added manually by the database maintainer. Looking at your email
message, it looks like the email address was stripped out by the
viagenie database webinterface. I will contact them and I am sure that
they will fix that as soon as possible.

I have added 'CO' to the list of possible country codes so you should
be fine now. Don't hesitate to contact me privately if you have more


David K.